BenQ-Siemens: 3 awesome mobile phone concepts

February 6, 2007 by poeloq | 3 Comments
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BenQ-Siemens, the German-Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer has released pictures of three amazing concept phones:

benq-siemens concept

benq-siemens concept


According to Portable Gadgets, these concepts were designed by Berlin based Product Visionaires GmbH for the BenQ-Siemens.

Sadly, BenQ-Siemens isn’t the most stable company, with many problems especially concerning it’s German subsidies. I would love to get my hands on any one of these phones. I am amazed…

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3 Comments so far

  1. Sid on November 25, 2007 01:01

    the armband is gay, but the other two are pretty cool but the first one is going to far

  2. jade on January 9, 2008 17:19

    i think this phone looks good but its really expensive and most people cant afford this…

  3. porus on December 17, 2008 14:27

    some designer should make a 10 megapixel swivel screen wrist phone,watch,camcorder,mp4,mp3,watch kinda stuff with highest quality picture resolution and of course a memory expansion card slot.

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