A-Cam DS8: Double Super 8 version movie camera from Ikonoskop

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A-Cam DS8

Swedish manufacturer Ikonoskop has come up with the first new Super 8 movie design. Ikonoskop is working along the lines for developing “a Double Super 8 version of their compact and affordable A-Cam SP-16 Super 16mm model”. Named as A-Cam DS8, this Double Super 8 has got many advantages and added features.

However, Leif Bystrom of Ikonoskop AB in Stockholm has aired the view that to kick start this project they were require a prior order placed by atleast 25 customers, who will be required to deposit an advanced amount of € 1000 to make financial sense. Priced at € 5200, those booking the camera in advance will be provided a discount of € 1000.

The A-Cam DS8 will weight 1.5 kg and is “compatible with all Super 8 projectors and video transfer devices”. It offers10 minutes of shooting time per 100 ft reel and uses 16mm wide film to capture Super 8 sized frames. This exclusive device will enable the user to shoot music videos and films even. Those willing to place the order can send an email with the subject “Early adopter for the A-Cam DS8” to info@ikonoskop.com.

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