Wifi Liberator ends the era of Pay-Per Use Wireless Networks


Wifi Liberator Toolkit

Technology and cool gadgets have captivated the world their grip, thereby providing the modern man the most hi-fi experience of life. One such new feather in the cap of gadgets is Wifi Liberator for Laptops so that its user can get rid of the ‘pay-per-use-wireless network’. Wifi Liberator will run on OSX 10.3 or later. However, windows version of the same will be released very soon.

This Wifi Liberator system is capable to function in both the Proxy and Client modes. This open source tool kit enables the user to create a free open node which can be connected by all and sundry for internet access. The motive is to compel internet providers to ‘offer their services for free’.

The target areas of this network system are airports, public terminals, hotels, global-chain coffee shops and the like. The Wifi Liberator comes as refreshing concept in the face of closed networks and offers ‘free’ networks. Any laptop having the facility of built-in wireless system and two wireless interfaces can run the Wifi Liberator system.

The software licensed under BSD and based on ‘Ping Tunnel’ can be downloaded from Wifi_Liberator (v.1.0,.DMG, OSX 10.3 or later). However, it should be kept in mind that one copy of the software can be installed in one system only. So for users of Wifi Liberator Toolkit, its time now to get rid of Pay-Per Use Wireless Networks.

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  1. I have always looked for this kind of information. Thank God you are able to help out. I’d be most grateful if you can help me secure a free Wifi Liberator. In my part of the world, access to internet facility is mostly the sole preserve of the rich. Thanking you.


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