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Voix SpeakersThese have to be the most impressive accessory for the iPod so far, a set of tower speakers MPX and MPY, that are about three and half feet high and are made from aluminum.

Voix are producers of speakers of all kinds, yet these tower speakers are quite something, they can be used with TV, Games consuls, MP3 and even Computers, as well as the iPod which is what we are discussing now. The sound quality is produced by four two inch speakers that deliver 72 watts, which are arranged vertically, and this is further boosted by a three and half inch sub woofer that delivers an additional 36 watts.

At the top of the speaker is where the docking station is located, this enables the iPod to be neatly secured without sticking out or being connected by a wire, as mentioned above, the devices can be connected by a standard 3.5 mm ear phone socket, this also includes Sony Walkmans and some mobile phones.

These are very stylish and would be at home anywhere, in any room and is fantastic way of freeing up the music stored on your , so you do not have to keep your tracks to yourself anymore, you can share your music with your friends and neighbors, because as well as those three and half and two inch speakers, there is also for the highest notes of all, a one inch tweeter that can blast out your tunes. Further more there is the standard remote control, which will enable you to adjust the volume, bass, treble, and power from your seat, or alternatively the iPod controls may be used.

The package includes, MPX, MPY (This is a second speaker only to give the stereo effect), AV audio cable, power pack and the manual. The price is around £270 or $527 US and is available for all electrical stores.

Product Page [Voix]

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