Voice control for Xbox 360 ‘MCC v3’ announced by One Voice

February 5, 2007 by techbuzz | 1 Comment
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Media Centre Communication (MCC) v3One Voice Technology, the leader in the field of voice evolution has now come-up with an all new conception. It might be a bit difficult to imagine that you walk in to your home after the days toil and is feeling lethargic to do the domestic chores or perform other activities.

No matter, says One Voice Technology, who has now announced the arrival of its Media Centre Communication () v3 for Windows . It is capable of providing the user a taste of a digital home, using only the voice. Entering inside the home, the user can straight way use his voice command to play music, watch TV, read and send e-mail, call to order a pizza and more.

With the help of MCC v3, the user can avail the facility of controlling as many as 5 Xbox 360 video game systems by simply speaking. This voice commands are so simple that no formal training is required to learn the commands. With an USB microphone included in the pack, the user can create their own custom voice macros for a variety of purposes. The company claimed that with wide range of accents available, the MCC v3 is definite to perform with high accuracy.

With just voice commands it is possible to view pictures or slideshows, Play MP3 or Apple iTunes music, read and send emails and even call from PC-to-Phone using Skype worldwide. Dean Weber, the CEO of One Voice enthusiastically said, “imagine walking into your entertainment room and simply saying, for example; Xbox Play U2 or Xbox Play American Idol, and your Xbox immediately starts playing that content.”

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  1. XboxLover on January 8, 2008 21:50

    That’s great, would love to have one of those.

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