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February 5, 2007 by davidallen | 4 Comments
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Tech Air

It has to said, the single most annoying thing about using a laptop is the fact that while transporting it, be it walking, driving or being a passenger on any kind of transport, is the potential for damage. For most of us, our lives are our laptops because we use it for work and for leisure, so an accident leading to the laptop falling to the floor is nothing less than catastrophic.

Tech Air Laptop Bag

Now Tech Air has been designing laptop bags for some time and they have developed a system named, iTrak for added security and peace of mind. The bags come in many designs, but the one in focus now is the Tech Air 3707 the latest model in the range.

This bag is not a total protection for laptops, so should not be relied on to keep your laptop totally safe and secure 100% of the time, but what it does offer is undoubtedly the best security and best chance of your laptop surviving a fall or accident that causes it to be knocked in some way. The Tech Air protection technology is a built into the bag; this gives your laptop protection against bangs, knocks and drops, unlike the normal foam based protection, which gives little or no protection in such an incident.

Tech Air

The 3707 will take a laptop up to 15.4 inches, has three compartments, lifetime warranty and six months subscription to the unique iTrak system, which should your laptop be mislaid and handed in to the lost property office, then the codes on the bag and the laptop are immediately identifiable and you and your laptop will be reunited as soon as the finders can get in touch with you.

The Tech Air 3707 will cost around £49.99, which is around $98 USD.

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  1. Sean on February 6, 2007 03:28

    If you want to protect your laptop properly then you should try the Anti-Theft MetroSafe 300 from Pacsafe.
    Check out the link.

  2. kiran on July 25, 2007 23:46

    i like this product & i want this produch so plz u send tha any links how im grting the product

  3. lisa on October 1, 2008 00:57

    i want 1

  4. rohan on October 12, 2008 13:40

    how i m get that product

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