Pimp your ride: 7″ Sun Visor TV/DVD Player


I already mentioned the MTV show “Pimp my ride” and now I have to again for the TV 322 W, a 7″ Sun Visor TV/DVD Player with FM Transmitter from Gadget Universe, the company behind the Gravity Defyer shoes we previously mentioned.

p0007026g.jpgYour passengers will thank you: the 7″ inch screen is in movie friendly 16:9 aspect ratio and in case you don’t have a DVD with you the TV tuner will help you out. But if TV isn’t your thing and you really don’t have any DVDs with you, no worries: the TV 322 W also sports support for VCD, CD, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW and has a SD card slot and even a USB port for hooking up your laptop.

The FM transmitter means that you can listen to the sound over your normal car radio.

But drivers, don’t forget: no looking while driving! And sadly this may not be the best product for UK, Indian, Japanese (…) readers 😉
[Product page, via BoingBoing]

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