Origami TV Remote Control: A Paper Gadget

February 5, 2007 by techbuzz | Leave a Comment
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Origami TV Remote Control

I hope many of us have played paper related games in our days of grade school. Yes, its time now to revise some of those games, for they would prove quite handy to operate the Origami TV Remote Control. The paper gadget though designed to be user friendly for children, yet even the elders will become a victim of its simplicity. This unique Hayeon Yoo’s Origami TV Remote Control was displayed at the Electronics and Software workshop at London’s recently.

The Origami TV Remote Control required to be controlled by both the hands and is a prototype of the paper made model with which toddlers usually play with. Through a paper playing method, the children acquire the knowledge of ‘channel selection’ and ‘volume control’. The 1-week Electronics and 1-week Software workshop provided impetus to develop this unique gadget.

The technique involved in the making of Origami TV Remote Control is a wireless sensor board and Max/MSP. This has wiped away the complex multi buttoned traditional remote controls and brought in its place easy to use paper remotes. However, a few are of the view that this device engages both the hands while operating and is thus quite problematic at times.

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