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Before everything became miniaturized the site of somebody wearing huge headphones while listen to their favorite music on the ghetto blaster, was quite a familiar sight, yet with the walkman came small headphones, and then we went even smaller to the earplug type headphones. But now big headphones are big with style.

Motorola have cleverly sensed that in some cases maybe small is not always so good, and so have gone about to develop a headphone set for Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, the headphones are of a decent size and no doubt will give a much better quality of sound than those tiny ones which keep falling out of your ears.

The Motorola S805 Stereo Bluetooth “DJ” style , are slightly more technical than their 1970’s predecessors with a range of up to thirty feet away from the source, jog dial controls for volume, weighing less than four ounces and has a ply time of up to seventeen hours. The headphones are not just for listening to your favorite tracks, you can also use them to make and receive phone calls using the built in microphone.

In the box you get the headphones, cable, case, and charger. The Motorola S805 Stereo “DJ” style headphones can be found at the Motorola shop online and will cost around £80

Product Page [Motorola]

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