When has advertising gone too far?

February 4, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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In this modern world we find ourselves being bombarded by adverts from all directions from types of companies trying to sell us all types of product, it is a sign of the time that we are getting used to it, we get inboxes full of SPAM which just gets deleted, our letter boxes are crammed full of junk mail and now the advertising people are looking to put adverts in our food, is nothing sacred.


It is not as bad as all that really, this is a trial in Japan, where little adverts are printed on stickers and placed onto to eggs, the adds can be for anything, in the image the advert is for Instant Noodles, Chicken flavor obviously.

What will we be seeing next, as the boundaries are being pushed all the time, limits are being tested and like everything we just get used to it, so in years to come like SPAM and Junk Mail, we will be wondering what all the fuss was all about.

However despite any worries or complaints that there may be, having little adverts stuck onto eggs it quite a good idea, after all we do not eat the shell, all we do is crack it and throw it away, will the advert be read? I think that they will, it is like the adverts on milk cartons, most of the time people do not even know that they are there, but sometimes they may hit the right target.
From a business point of view this is a cool little gadget that enables the business to either print themselves or get printed adverts onto little stickers, it could even become a good sideline for the egg producers who can sell advertising space on their brand of eggs, it become very eggciting!!

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