Wiimote Gun Mod for Wii.

February 3, 2007 by Static | 7 Comments
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We’ve already seen people creatively modify their Wii controllers to mod it into a steering wheel. But with Wii, creativity never seems to stop; especially with its revolutionary controller.

Wiimote Gun

While a few may be modding their Wii controllers to a tennis racket or a golf club, now, even the Wiimote can be used as a gun! Specific details on how the controller was modded isn’t known, but what seems to be for sure was that the B key was wired in with the trigger so that the Wiimote gun will actually be useful in a shooting game with the Wii.

It seems as if we’ll have more of these new concepts come out as people modify the already novel idea to something even better. I love it. If I ever do decide to get a Wii, I’m going to have to try this!

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7 Comments so far

  1. Yet Another Creative Mind - Wii PC : TurboGadgets Gadget Reviews and Gadget News on February 11, 2007 14:44

    […] It is just amazing how some things can turn into. The Nintendo Wii has been a major console where innovators have been able to run their minds at full throttle. We are turboGadgets have actually already reported on a Wiimote gun and a Wii steering wheel, but we just found out th at the Wii can be something even more. […]

  2. malcom on February 7, 2008 22:16

    but i wonder where do you put the nunchuck

  3. Arend on March 11, 2010 08:39

    A three-year-old girl mistakenly picked up a handgun, thinking it was a gun-like Wii controller, and was fatally wounded after shooting herself in the abdomen.
    This happened Sunday March 7, 2010

  4. hadadamick on March 31, 2010 14:16

    how will you play with the nunchuck and and buttons ir the controller is inside or is on the outside?

  5. goom on November 21, 2010 01:14
  6. daniel on April 2, 2011 05:21

    I regards to that 3 year old. What the hell was the hand gun lying around in reach of the child to start with. That is Reckelessly carelesness of the parents fault.

  7. sunny on April 6, 2011 18:55

    can u play golden eye 007 on wii with this controller?

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