WiFi, Bluetooth and Radio on one chip


broadcom chipBroadcom has announced that they are going to introduce a single chip with , Bluetooth and FM capabilities: it will support IEEE 802.11a/b/g, 2.0 and FM (using an “advanced” FM receiver). The chip could be used in mobile devices, such as UMPCs and mobile phones / smartphones.
The chip, BCM4325, will also be able to upgradeable to Bluetooth 2.1 and the FM sector supports the European Radio Data Service (RDS) and the North American Radio Broadcast Data Service (RBDS).

We can expect seeing usage of this chip in devices from around 2008.

[via ExtremeTech]


  1. […] Just two days ago we reported on the BCM4325, Broadcom’s single chip incorporating WiFi, Bluetooth and FM. Now Texas Instruments has also announced the WiLink 6.0, again a single chip incorporating WiFi, Bluetooth and FM. And TI goes one step further with it’s DRPTM single-chip and mWLAN technology offering support for IEEE draft 802.11n. TI also announced the BlueLink 7.0, which supports Bluetooth and FM on a single chip. […]


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