Video glasses for the iPod Video


iTheaterThis is a great product for the iPod Video player. They are glasses that enable you to watch films, videos, internet and games, it is similar to watching a fifty inch sized screen TV from about eight and half feet, but without the cost. Although it has to be said the two cannot be compared at all, just the viewing quality. Yet these video glasses are portable and can be taken anywhere with you, like on the train, plane or car, providing you are not driving of course.

Basically this iTheater is like a pair a glasses that have the two screens where the lens would be, surrounded by speakers for the sound, the speakers giving a surround sound effect, they can also be used in conjunction with a cell phone, laptop and a personal DVD player, so they are not entirely limited to the iPod completely. The battery life can be as much as eight hours long, though this depends on the manner in what they are used.


But as with all electrical items of this manner there is a need to be careful as to where and when they are used. It could be easy for somebody using this on a train and not be away of what is going on around them, so there should be an air of caution in this type of situation.

These glasses will cost you around $250 with not too expensive if you consider exactly what you are buying, the glasses weigh in at about three and half ounces, connect to Gaming Systems, VCR’s and DVD Players, Video iPods and Cell phones. The iTheater can be used to view the following applications, Video Gaming, Portable Entertainment, Private Movie Watching and Remote Internet & Images.

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  1. It’s now possible to be totally absorbed in entertainment, even in an aeroplane or in the back seat of a car. See “iTheater portable video glasses.” I wonder if Timothy Leary had any idea about this


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