The iPod and Stethoscope package

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iPod and StethoscopeThe iPod is finding more and more different applications; almost on a daily basis we are seeing a different application being released. For this next application, the Think Labs ds32a Digital Stethoscope package is directed at medical professionals and health conscious people who are looking to an accurate heart rate.

This just goes to show how versatile and relevant to today’s society the is becoming, will we ever see a time where it is not just music lovers who are carrying an iPod, but professional people, who with the aid of different applications are using them to carry out their day to day jobs, maybe we will even be getting a parking ticket via the iPod, no, that is just taking it too far.

Anyway the iPod Stethoscope package combines a diagnostic stethoscope with compatible software that is able to record and playback sounds, the stethoscope has a fifty times amplification, which enables it to be used under many difficult circumstances, yet can still get excellent readings from faint heart beats to obese patients and in a very noisy environments, this makes the package a useful tool for other professions which would require the use of recording and amplification.

The kit will cost around $495 ($650 if bought separately) which would be quite expensive if a hospital bought one for each of its doctors, so it is going to be a matter of personal choice whether or not anyone in the medical profession would be using this, but I am sure that there will always be those who just have to have the latest piece of kit. There is also the fact that the iPod records and plays back, which would be very useful for medical personal who out in the field, like search and rescue services who sometimes need to take immediate action in order to save somebody’s life.

Product Page [Think Labs]

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