Sidekick Your Match!


If you’re an avid basketball player, you’ll be sure to love this. If you’re not, but you’re a Miami Heat fan, you’ll love it too. Dwayne Wade, dubbed The Flash in the NBA, will actually be releasing a full sidekick under his name!

D-wade Sidekick

Being a sidekick user since back in 2004, Dwayne Wade has maintained a solid relationship with the various sidekicks. But this time, rather than buying a sidekick that is often silver and one that isn’t much of a sidekick, Dwayne Wade actually participated in creating a sidekick design – the Dwayne Wade Edition. Adopting the images of the Miami beach and luxurious cars, Wade will surely help T-mobile in finding sidekick users, especially those who need a version that is sports friendly.

The Dwayne Wade will also come in limited editions. The rare limited edition of the D-wade sidekicks will have his jersey number “3” printed on the back of the sidekick in gold. The surface will also be specially made to give the same grip and feeling one would feel from a basketball.

D-wade Sidekeick 2

A specific release date is unknown as of, since this is leaked information. Most likely it’ll be released sometime in the first half of 2007; especially if Miami manages to lift another trophy. With my own sidekick ready to be replaced now, I’m hoping to see this out on the market as soon as possible.

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