At last a use for all those light sabers

February 3, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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Light SaberIt seems that MP3 players and Flash drives are coming out in all shapes and sizes, but my favorite has to be this one, the light saber MP3 player, how cool is this? Well I would say that it is very cool, and what’s more I would just love to see the day when there was a group of people all who have bought one of these, and just at a point of time all need to either change track or turn the MP3 player off, just imagine all these guys reaching into their coats and bringing out a light saber, it would make a really cool picture taken on my light saber phones camera!

Well joking asides, this is a serious device, and I am surprised that the Star Wars people have allowed this to go ahead or maybe they have, who knows. Yet this is a proper , with 8 GB of internal memory, up to two USB ports which are essential for exchanging data from the PC or another device, along the side there is LCD display which will enable you to see what is playing and other basic information about the system etc, if you are a bluetooth kind of person then the device is also compatible for using bluetooth headphones so you are able to listen without wires, which so much easier. But if you are the lid of person who likes to share their recordings with everyone else on the train, then you are in luck because you will find a small speaker on the side.

This one is for the Star War fans who want to bring the force into their lives, it is a great piece of movie magic brought to life in the real world, and why not. The Star Wars Light Saber MP3 player is made by Owned Incorporated and we are waiting for details of price and delivery etc.

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