Samsung Showcases LED Backlit LCD Panels!

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Samsung LED-backlit LCD Panel

At the International Conference and Exhibition on Display LEDs, Samsung is showcasing its new LED backlit LCDs. With models at 15.4 inch, 30 inch, and 40 inch, Samsung seems to be hoping to grab hold of those that are fond of not only small LCDs, but also nice flat big ones.

The 15.4 inch LED backlit LCD will be capable of a 1440 x 900 resolution while being 5.8 mm thin. To add on to it, the power consumption will only be eating 3.1W, making it a suitable panel for future laptops. Covering 45% of NTSC color gamut, the 15 inch model will also manage 262k colors while holding a 330 cd/m2 brightness.

The 30 inch model, sporting a 2560x 1600 pixel resolution panel will come with 16.7M colors and 330 cd/m2 brightness. Not only that, but the 6ms response time, 180 degree viewing angle, along with covering 111% of NTSC color gamut will definitely make this panel a hit.

The 40 inch panel, already showcased in the IFA, will be setting the standards much higher than the 15 and the 30 inch model, by coming with a 500 cd/m2 brightness, an incredible 100,000:1 contrast ratio (unlike the 900:1 contrast ratio in the 30 inch panel). But unfortunately, the 40 inch seems as if it’ll come in a mere 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, despite its impressive contrast ratio.

It seems as if Samsung will primarily be using these panels in their line of TVs along with their monitor brand, SyncMaster. Most likely, we may see these come up with other companies such as Dell and Apple, although that is unconfirmed. But with Samsung showing an impressive progress in t he LED backlit LCD panel industry, it seems as if the others will inevitably follow…

The release of these panels and its specific pricing is an unknown variable at the time.

[Source: 15.4 inch 30 inch 40 inch]

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