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February 2, 2007 by onlineexperts | Leave a Comment
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ZappitCrazy about Ping Pong? Here’s the gadget for you – Zappit! Dubbed as the pocket ping pong, it basically is a simpler version of the classic game. Why move around, jump from side to side, just to try whacking that teeny ball when you can just sit in a corner and let your fingers do the work? All you have to do is hit a button continuously until your opponent’s thumb gets tired.

According to its description, actually a two player game. So you’re in essence testing each other’s reactions. As one player serves, a red light runs over to the opposite side and the other player has to hit the button at the exact time that red light reaches them to fling it back to the other side. You can zap each other until one of you hits the button too late or too early. The light moves faster as the game progresses, making it more difficult for both players to push the button in time.

Well folks, this is just one example of dynamic sports going static as technology progresses. What will they think of next?

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