Windows Vista Launch London: Nothing special to be seen

February 1, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment
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windows_vista.jpgI had quite a busy day yesterday, attending several different events. One of them was the London Windows Launch “Event” at the British Library. I only found out about the secret location 5 minutes before Bill Gates was supposed to appear and luckily can run there from here within about that time.

Sadly, even though the British Library is an amazing place, the event turned out to be quite uninteresting. Bill Gates strolled around leisurely after his talk (how he founded Microsoft and people did not believe in him and now WIndows Vista is going to change the world), surrounded and therefor shielded from the traditional and new press. Due to the event not being publicly announced, the crowd was very random and was slightly confused about the stage and music (The Feeling live).

It seems that it was similar all around the world: Operating Systems, compared to gaming consoles, are just not going to create a hype anymore.

I did take my camera, but did not get any good shots of anything interesting, the only thing semi-interesting being Bill Gates. In the end, the best thing about the launch was the two free fleeces I got, sponsored by Microsoft and Wacom.

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