Seagate steps in portable storage gigabytes market

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Seagate DAVE

Can you imagine 10 GB to 20 GB of data stored in your cell phone? Thanks to Seagate, which came up with a wireless storage device of 10G-byte to 20G-byte. This Digital Audio Video Experience () enables the users to store and share different types of digital files between mobile phones, other mobile platforms and PCs. It is expected that Seagate will come up for sell of their 10 GB DAVE during this summer. However, the 20 GB DAVE will be ready for sale in the post-summer season.

Seagate will sell this product to the major telecommunication providers, who in turn will market DAVE under their own brand name. General Manager of Seagate’s consumer electronics business unit, Patrick King was quite optimistic about this new storage device and hoped that it will be able to capture the market. A small java application will be required to access the files stored in the phone. The DAVE device uses a one-inch hard drive to transmit files through Bluetooth or Wii-Fi.

This means that a huge amount of data can now be stored in ones pocket and could be accessed anywhere and anytime, the user wishes. This majestic wireless storage device was unveiled by Seagate at Demo 07 trade show.

[via ZDNet]

[More Info: Seagate press release]

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