Samsung unveils three new cameras

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Samsung unveiled three new cameras today, all of which sound/look quite interesting. Samsung isn’t know as one of the big makers ( and pretty much make the game here), but still should receive some consideration from amateur photographers looking for a new camera.

Samsung NV11

The NV11 is not only a very nice, if slightly retro-, looking camera. It’s 10 megapixel sensor and Schneider-Kreuznach lens will create pretty impressive pictures with up to 1600 ISO sensitivity. It features 5x optical zoom, Samsung ASR stabilitation system and face recognition.

The photos can be previewed on the 2.7″ display before being transferred to your PC or printer. And if you really do need to make that video: the NV11 also is capable of taking videos with up to 30 frames per second in MPEG 4 VGA quality.

Samsung L74 The L74 Wide‘s name might already give you that important hint to what special feature it comes along with: a wide angle lense.

Apart from the wide angle lense the L74 is equipped with a 7 megapixel sensor, 3.6x optical zoom and 450 MB storage. It also sports the Samsung’s ASR stabilitation system (which will make for better pictures in slightly less than optimal light locations) an d face recognition. It has slightly better video capabilities than the NV11, as it takes MPEG 4 videos in quality. Pictures and videos can be display on the 3″ .

Samsung i7

The third camera is the i7, which sports as many megapixels as it’s name might suggest: 7. The i7 is a more conventional camera geared towards the mainstream consumer market, offering not only the compulsory photo taking and video making features but also multimedia functions, such as a MP3 player and interestingly a tour guide. The tour guide is actually a very nice idea, especially as most people use their digital camera on holiday. The tour guide features more than 4.000 locations in 30 countries.

With so many features and limited space, the engineers at had to come up with a nice way of navigating all this, the result being a 3″ rotating touchscreen. When in it’s standard position, the “” functions as a MP3 player, when twisted by 90 degrees you can view videos using the Portable Multimedia player, and turned by another 90 degrees into the upside down position you can take pictures and videos (SVGA quality MPEG4s) as you would expect.

All three cameras should be available from March 2007. The NV11 and L74 Wide will both cost around $600, and the i7 should cost slightly less than $500. Check the Samsung website for more information.

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