Microsoft playing catchup…again?


microsoft_logo.jpg may be the market leader for operating systems, internet browsers and office software, but in other markets it isn’t doing quite so well. Even though Bill Gates denies Microsoft Windows being anything like MacOS X, we all know that it is and Microsoft is playing catchup to many rival companies in various markets: Sony and Nintendo on the console market, Apple on multimedia players and Firefox and are taking large proportions of market share from Microsoft.

The biggest hype of this year I would say was not Windows Vista, even though the same Mr. Gates wants us to believe that again, but the Apple . And now CrunchGear has “received a sound tip”: about a possible Zune phone.
The details they have are not too many yet, but it seems that the possible Zune phone might be ready for the Christmas season this year and it’s main theme will be connectivity, being able to sync for example with the XBox360. Interesting news, but still a big rumor in my opion.


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