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Incredible as it may seem, Zink a US based company have actually developed a system that can print images, photos and even the most sophisticated designs, with no ink and even not even a printer, so how can this be possible?


With this system it is all to do with the paper, this paper has been specially developed in layers, within the layers are colorless crystals, these remain colorless until the paper is use for printing on, the paper is placed into the “Printer” but really this is a heater, because the has no ink at all, no need for ribbons, cartridges or anything like that, the printer heats the paper and then under the heat the colorless crystals begin to take on the color of the image that is being printed.

This is quite a major step forward in the printing sector, for too long there has been the problem cartridges that block or don’t work, and of course the ones that use up more in than the others.

ZinkThe cost is involved in the paper itself, which means instead of buying paper and ink, you just need to buy the , now clearly the paper is going to be at premium price, but will it be cost effective, we shall have to wait and see, the paper is being advertised as being affordable so people who decide to use this system will have to decide on the following, cost of ink and paper, against cost of Zink paper, the is obviously in both cases the cost of the hardware, and finally the quality of the print and finish, once all the factors have been taken into consideration that will be the time when people and business’s will know if this system of color printing is for them or not.

In any event this is a tremendous new idea, which will take the printing sector by storm, its success will depend on who uses it and how much they use.

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