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February 1, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment
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Being able to use the Internet to make and receive calls has become almost a standard day to day event, however have you ever wish that the same could be done with your mobile phone? After all we all know that you can get the Internet on the mobile phone networks, therefore it would stand to reason that you should be able to make and receive VOIP calls on your mobile phone.


Well a company called Fring has a system that is supposed to do just that, enable their users to make VOIP calls via their mobile phones.

How do it work? Well it is basically like , in actual fact the system uses Skype, there is no airtime, the calls are made up from data only, therefore the calls can be sent over the internet, so as long as you are talking to someone who is using the same system then the cost is nothing, but if you were to call a land line then you would begin to incur charges.


In order for you to use the Fring service you will need to sign up first then you are able to download the software, you will need to have a compatible mobile phone, mainly Nokia, once you have signed up, your phone will receive an SMS from Fring with a link, click on the link and the software begins to download. Apart from a few minor options to choose from, that should it, all you will need now is find a friend who also has .

The Fring organization can be compared with any messenger service that you can find on the Internet, but with a major difference, this enables you to use the mobile phone system, something that has yet to be done by the any other messenger service.

Product Page [Fring]

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  1. nazmul on December 31, 2007 20:19

    Please let me know how can use N73 Nokia mobile in VOIP call using fring.

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