Floppy Disk finally going floppy

February 1, 2007 by onlineexperts | Leave a Comment
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Who uses floppy disks at this age and time? No one, save for a few totally tech-impaired individuals who has never heard of a port before. The has served its time and now is the right moment to give it the proper burial it so deserves. It was the “in” thing before but with the rate of technology today, it could never catch up.

Floppy DiskIn fact, PC World is pulling them out of their stores and other stores are sure to follow suit. They amazed us before with their flexibility and size back when computers fill-up a whole room, but compared to all types of storage devices out in the market today they look like ancient history. More like the prehistoric ancestor of storage devices.

So, to the lowly floppy disk, stand up, wave goodbye ‘coz you’re finally going floppy…

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