Fishing with a difference

February 1, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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It seems that fishing has just got exciting, that seems a contradiction in terms, fishing and exciting, yet with this new type of fishing tackle exciting and fun it certainly will be.

The Rocket Fishing Rod, sounds like something that all people of all ages can do, well yes, but it is really a young adults fishing rod and in a way it is an interesting idea that would give kids a reason to go fishing, something that may not have been so hip before.

Rocket fishing rodThe concept is quite interesting you have a rod, but not like any other rod that you have seen before, this looks more like a gun, which in fact it is, the rod is pointed out to where you want to fish from, and you fire by pumping the rod and pulling the trigger. A capsule flies out of the rod up to about thirty feet, when this hit’s the water it opens, the bait sinks into the water and the float bobs up and down as normal, the whole thing from the hook to the rod is connected by the fishing line so when the big one comes along, all you need to do is reel it in.

Fishing has come a long way since the days of the piece of old bamboo cane and piece a string, this is not a professional fisherman’s tool, as obviously can anyone imagine a professional rocket rod, it would be something to see.

The Rocket Fishing , comes with an extra float/capsule, free DVD telling how to operate the rod, tackle pack and a booklet, all this for just $40.

Product Page [Rocket Fishing Rod]

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