Doctor Who’s TARDIS lands on a desk near you

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The most famous time traveling machine ever has been transformed into an accessory for computers, yes with the new series of Doctor Who programs appealing to a new audience, there are plenty of people who would like to see this on the their desk.

Doctor Who

Having to use a USB hub is not really any inconvenience and with many of the peripherals around now requiring the use of a USB port, especially when using laptops. Well now you can liven up your day by using the new Doctor Who’s TARDIS USB hub, this little blue police telephone box can sit on the corner of your desk and take up to four connections, more than enough for the day to day computer usage.

So now there will be no need to keep removing and replacing the USB cables from Printers, Cameras and Mobile Phones in order to go about your normal working day, because you can allow the TARDIS to do it for you in Doctor Who style. You do not have to love or even like Doctor Who because this USB Hub is pretty stylish as it is, but if you are a Sci-Fi fan then there would be argument, you would just have to go out and buy it. What doe TARDIS mean? Well there are those that know and those that don’t, just in case you are the later it actually stands for “Time and Relative Dimension in Space” you learn something new every day, well I did!

As well as being the essential four port hub, the TARDIS when you either add or remove a device the gadget makes the same sound as the real TARDIS makes on the TV, it even has a blue flashing light that flashes at the same time. You have four meters of cable so you can put the TARDIS virtually anywhere.

The TARDIS USB is available from online stores at a price around £20.

Product Page [TARDIS]

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