DIY #4: USB AA NiMH/NiCd charger


In one of our previous projects I already mentioned how much I dislike cables, because of the amount us gadget lovers carry around with us. One of the worst, even if cable-less, things must be my AA : it is bulky (they tried to make it look nice and gave it a rounded design) and needs an extra power outlet. And let’s not forget: AA chargers often, for some absurd reasons, don’t come cheap.

t-chargerStefan Vorkoetter has designed a nice little AA NiMH/NiCd cell charger: powered. The whole project does not look too difficult and all information, circuit diagrams etc., are supplied on his project website.

Obviously USB is not as powerful as a normal power outlet, but the charging times don’t look too bad, Stefan claims that it will be anywhere from 1.5 hours (700mAh NiCd) to 5.5 hours (2500mAh NiMH). And as you can see on the picture, it is obviously a two cell charger.

To build the charger you will need at least a little soldering experience, or learn to while doing this project, and a few parts that should be easily obtainable from companies like RadioShack in the US and Reichelt / Maplin in Europe.

laptop and chanrger

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