New batteries designed for laptops

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It had been headline news, the case of the exploding laptop batteries, where they would over heat and if not turned off or better still taken out of the laptop all together, then these batteries were likely to over heat and in some cases explode causes serious or permanent damage to the laptop itself, so these batteries were not only dangerous to your health, they also had an effect on your wealth.

This is now hopefully all behind us, but that has not stopped the development of new batteries especially made for laptops and as they are purpose made they are now much better and most importantly much safer than the batteries previously used.

New Laptop Battery

The , is designed and built by Boston Power who say that these batteries which have been designed with laptops in mind, will last for the life of the , which as anyone knows who has used laptops is most important as the battery is all important for those who use their laptops while being out and about, if the goes, or doe not hold a charge for a reasonable amount time, then this renders the laptop useless for mobile computing and therefore limits what you can do on the laptop with have to plug it into the mains. The makers Boston Power also maintain that the batteries have a faster charge rate, this means that if the battery is on charge for only thirty minutes, it will be at 80 percent of full charge, which is another bonus.

Product Page [Boston Power]

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