Apple iPhone Video Review

January 31, 2007 by tech4u | 3 Comments
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John Blackstone shows the cool features of the in this video review!

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  1. stefan on April 21, 2007 00:40

    wow the iphone is amazing thats the coolest phone i have ever seen how much is it? and will i be able to purches one in cannada at a rogers provider? i live in winnipeg manitoba and i am with rogers and i really really really really want that phone so so so so badly i have the razor right now and i don’t like it i am looking for a touch screen i have been looking at the treo 650 and treo 680 they both have touch screens but the iphone towers over all of them.

  2. raj on May 27, 2007 08:26

    Hey Stefan sorry to break it to ya man, the iphone is stricly only USA. i live in vancouver but i also have a home in Seattle washington and i have an iphone with an american provider..(cingular wireless) they have a cheap call canada plan….if you have the money it is 499 for the phone and a bit more for the plan i am using it in vancouver ..i live here full time…peace …any questions email me at-

  3. John S. Brana on November 7, 2007 06:04

    I love my iPhone. I would highly recommend it if you are a visual artist and want to have a mobile portfolio. I have closed quite a lot of business by having the ability to show my jewelry designs to prospective clients using Photos. This feature alone has made up for a less than spectacular AT&T network. The international roaming problem has been taken care of somewhat with AT&T’s new international roaming plans, which start at $25 for 20MB.

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