The iPod Shuffle adds some color to the scene

January 30, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment
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The iPod Shuffle is quite a great little piece of equipment, tiny, compact and discreet, yet the one thing that bothered many people who bought this little gem, was the color! White or is it gray, I can never work that one out, anyway, is regarded as an color, we have seen it in the iMac, and the Airport Extreme, so there is no real problem there, that was until the Apple began producing the iPod Nano in bright metallic colors, so you can buy an iPod Nano in a color that either suits your personality or just your favorite color but not the poor old iPod Shuffle. But worry no more, Apple have seen the light and now the humble iPod Shuffle is available in the same Green, Pink, Orange, Blue and yes the original White/Grey.

iPod Shuffle

But do not worry that is the only change the iPod Shuffle is still the same clips onto your coat, is still the same size 1.62 × 1.07 × 0.41 inches and with the 1 GB memory that means you can still store up to twelve hours of your favorite music.

The , everything is the same apart from the color! Price is around $79 and you can wear your iPod Shuffle with pride now, on your lapel or clipped onto your sleeve, wherever you place your iPod Shuffle the color will now most defiantly stand out.

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    […] The Tomato is a small music player similar to that of the iPod shuffle, which now comes in four bright colors, whereas the Tomato Mini is only available in black or white. Tomato is designed and built in Korea, yet that should not really affect the sales or demand, after the are a whole host of electrical and come to think of it many other products too, that are built in China, the quality is excellent. […]

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