Phillips Brings True Battery Power

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We’ve got something new now for once. A cell phone WITHOUT a 3.0+ mega pixel camera, an MP3 player, etc etc. Phillips have brought something rather ordinary, yet new, to the table. How do you like the idea of going 40 days and 40 nights without having to recharge your phone? I’m personally fed up with having to recharge my Pantec SKY every single night and I’m sure you are too. The Phillips 9@9a (left) is the one I’m talking about. It may lack in the tens of ringtones and games available with other cell phones, but the Xenium 9@9a trades it off instead for a super battery.

Phillips 9@9

Maybe not a camera with 9@9a, but the Xenium 9@9d (middle) comes with a 1.3 mega pixel camera to add a bit more beef to the rather plain cell phone. Phillips also presented the 9@9t that will be a smartphone with the capability to write, a miniSD memory slot, along with an MP3 player feature to put a finishing touch and to match the market’s demands for features in cell phones nowadays.

Maybe the design or the features may still lack for some. But if you’re lazy like me and often forget to take the cell phone out of my jean pockets, I’d recommend this long, and I do mean long, battery life cell phone. It’s ordinary, but it’s unique, and it does what it should do best at. Keep the phone on so you can make calls.

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