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January 30, 2007 by davidallen | 5 Comments
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Like many people today, there those who use more than one mobile phone which can be a bit of a nuisance it means carrying around two phones and they both have to be charged up all the time, it can be time consuming, but most of all it is just not a good way of carrying on, especially in business.

Doubao 728 sports

Well worry no more, at last there is a phone that can handle two GSM SIM cards, it is a surprise that this has not been brought put before, yet this phone developed by the Chinese electrical company Doubao.

The principal is straight forward enough, the two GSM SIM cards are placed into the phone, they do not have to be part of the same network, so no worries there. That is it, if you get a call on one network or number you answer as normal, should there be a call to the other number then that will be directed straight to the voice mail system of that network, which is not perfect as you would expect to be able to handle the two calls at once, similar to having call waiting. But never the less, this is no real hardship as you need not worrying about carrying the two phones. The same goes for messages; the phone can send and receive SMS on both lines too.

Doubao 728 sports

This phone is the 728 sports, it has a large screen over two inches wide with a touchscreen, micro SD card slot, and a very usable 0.3 mega pixel camera. The phone is also dual band, but as it comes from China, at the moment it is only available in that region along with Taiwan and Hong Kong, yet it cannot be long before we see this phone available everywhere else and with a price tag of around $170 USD it will surly be a big hit.

Product page [HKSincere – Chinese Language]

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5 Comments so far

  1. GUS on January 30, 2007 09:47

    Is this available in the US or will it work in US?


  2. Martin Siry on February 6, 2007 21:42

    It is so great. I love this.
    I am technician for Alcatel, Sagem Philips and Motorola phones. But this is great idea.

  3. AL on April 27, 2007 20:51

    what is the name of this fone

  4. saul on July 15, 2007 22:30

    will it work in the gambia, west africa.

  5. Dabrave on August 10, 2007 11:33

    i have a chinese hone like thi, it works well in my country nigeria. but can anyone tell me how to get a pc sychronization softwere for this it. i want to know if its possible to install application onto this phone. i hope this will not be the downside of this pnone.

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