Doze No More In Work And Class!

January 30, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment
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Warning GlassesThis is the solution for people sleeping late, and then living in dreamland while everyone else is working and/or studying. Now you definitely will not need those ping pong eyeballs to cover your drowsy eyes. The Vision Optic MyDo Bururu are here! This pair of glasses isn’t for you to see well as even a 20/20 person may need them from time to time. These things are meant to get you out of dreamland by shaking you up as your head slowly descends towards the desk in front of you.

The Vision Optic MyDo Bururu is designed to measure the angle of your head and determine whether you’re nodding off or not. Maybe this isn’t the best way to decide whether to shock or to not to shock as some may be slouching while still being wide awake. Despite this fact, the concept seems pretty cool. But for $370 USD, I wouldn’t want to be zapped while picking up a pencil I dropped. Maybe for you, but the price simply isn’t too appealing for this product.

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