Webcam Can Now Track You And Your Pet!

January 29, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment
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It’s scary how nowadays, there are so many “stalkers” secretly spying on you. Who knows, there may be someone watching you right at this moment. Well, the same concept seems to have been put in, in a recent released by CrazyAboutGadgets. Now, no more will you have to go through the pains of sitting in one place for hours, just so that the other person can still see you.

V-gear Tracer Webcam

The V-gear Talkcam Tracer Webcam solves these solutions for you. According to CrazyAboutGadgets, you can basically move around as much as you want and the tracer webcam will automatically track you down and keep you focused at all times. We’re not too sure if it’ll be able to capture you even if you move a complete 180 degrees, but another sweet part of this webcam is its 1.3 mega pixel that can shoot up to 30 framers per second. Not only that, but the 16.7 million colors makes it one heck of a competitive product. Not only that, but these tracer webcams can also track your pets down on what they are doing!

turboGadgets see the idea and the concept behind this and we really like it. Since it was recently released, we haven’t been able to test it first hand, but from the looks of it, you couldn’t get a more “free” camera than the V-Gear Talkcam Tracer Webcam!

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