The center of your kitchen is?

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Whirlpool Central ParkThe kitchen is the nerve center of the home, it is where almost everything done and everyone always visits, we eat there and so on, as to what the center of the kitchen is, well it is in different places, we all have different ideas.

Whirlpool the electrical appliance manufacturer has come up with what they believe is the new center of the , the brain if you will. The item that Whirlpool have come up with is a fridge, or more likely “The Fridge” this is no ordinary fridge though; this one comes fully loaded with some pretty impressive hardware.

Digital photo album, where the families photos can be displayed in one at time or randomly, MP3 player so that there can be a selection of music to reflect the mood, a DVD & CD player just in case you want to watch a movie or maybe even a cookery lesson and of course the monitor to watch them on.

This is break through in the development of networking the home, it will not be long before there is a system in place everything that we use is automatically added to our shopping lists, so that when we want to go shopping at the online supermarket, all that would be needed is to press and couple a buttons and it is done.

In the meantime, we will have to make do with the “Central Park” the name that Whirlpool have decided to give this fantastic , there is just one last thing, with all that hardware I almost forgot to say that the fridge is pretty good too, it has a great design and constructed very well indeed.

Product Page [Whirlpool]

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