Samsung STT-D370: Bluetooth DMB GPS SatNav

January 29, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment
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GPS navigation systems are being released nearly every day now and, to be honest, they don’t differ too much. Some offer more or less “multimedia functions” than others, but that really doesn’t make a device special. The STT-D370 (the Koreans seem to be really creative when it comes to product branding) is slightly different:

Samsung STT-D370 Instead of offering just the normal navigation system, it also features . Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB), as you will probably know, is the main competitor to mobile TV standard DVB-H and allows to enjoy radio, television and datacasts while on the move. The Samsung STT-D730 has a antenna what can be retracted for better reception of DMB.

Other features of the STT-D370 include Bluetooth for connectivity, a 3.7″ VGA display, office and other applications as well as a SD expansion slot.

If the screenshot in the picture looks anything like the final product version, this could be a great little SatNav system for gadget lovers looking for that little bit of extra feature. Availability and price are not know yet, but you can expect to pay around $650 for the Samsung STT-D370 when it becomes available, wherever that may be.

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