Dr Who versus the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

January 29, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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NetflixIt appears to be a weird combination, Dr Who that likeable chap who travels around in the TARDIS almost always with a beautiful female assistant and saves the planet from evil alien forces and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Yet for many families who purchased the first episode from the second series entitled “New Earth” Dr Who DVD from Netflix service where the DVD’s are rented, sent and return via the postal service, had an even more frightening scene when halfway through all of a sudden the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film “The Beginning“, burst onto the screen and proceeded to cut off limbs and whatever else happens in those types of films.

It is believed that the problem had occurred during the manufacturing process where the two DVD’s where being made at the same time and somehow the process went wrong hence the resulting DVD’s with extra footage.

The fault is only on the DVD’s that were delivered to Netflix for distribution via their rental network, so there is no concern for any one who has bought the Dr Who sets from other places like stores etc.

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