Zune Wi-Fi Re-Fills available soon

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Microsoft Zune

Microsoft may be considering the introduction of Wi-Fi Zune filling station type spots, where the users of the new Microsoft Zune machine will be able to download music by using Wi-Fi in certain areas, such as stations, airports and stores, however the coverage will be limited for some time, that is until all the equipment is working fine, and that all parties agree on the legal arrangements etc.

Apple have a similar way of Wi-Fi download spots, these can be found in stores such as Starbucks, where Apple have negotiated a deal with the company in order to supply their customers direct. This gives the company revenue and coverage; it also helps the stores, as they have another hook to encourage customers to venture into the stores.

Eventually it appears that there will be Wi-Fi hot spots in every place and being provided by many different organizations offering many differing things, will the airwaves be safe and secure in the Wi-Fi future? What happened when a company is taken over by another who has a similar agreement but with another music download company? Problems for sure, but the more companies that enter into these agreements the better, for the consumer that is.

Microsoft’s is not really that dissimilar to the from Apple, yet, as you would expect from Microsoft, the name Zune covers everything including the software that runs the machine, which has a 30 GB digital media player and sports a three screen display, we should be used to this kind of thing by now, as Microsoft and Apple compete against each other for the same business, but it is always interesting to see how Apples approach differs from the others, they always seem to try and work outside of the box, which is why we like Apple so much, I suppose.

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