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linux logoYesterday the OSDL’s Review of Desktop Linux 2006 was published, stating that the deployment of on Desktops in 2006 stalled slightly compared to previous years.

But with the great achievements of Ubuntu and related distributions it is getting easier to install and use Linux on desktops without having to earn a computer science degree first.

Lifehacker reported on a fantastic software allowing you to install Ubuntu (or Kubuntu/Xbuntu) from Windows, without disturbing your existing Windows installation and files.

debian logoUbuntu is based on one of the most popular Linux distributions, Debian. Sadly, installing Debian does require quite some knowledge about Linux and the hardware you are using in most cases. But now there is a similar installer for Debian as the Windows installer.

2.pngDebian hacker Robert Millan was inspired by the previously mentioned Ubuntu Windows installer to write this little software and has as far as the community judgment goes , done a good job. This could be the start of easy Linux desktop deployment.

Why would you want to install Ubuntu, or any other Linux? Well, it’s free and can be great for using as a media center PC operating system. TurboGadgets will be running features on how to use Linux and you favorite gadgets in symbioses together in the near future.

In the mean time: check out the Ubuntu installer and the Debian installer.
[Disclaimer: The mentioned software is still in development and even though there have been no negative reports about malfunction know to us, TurboGadgets can and will not take any liability when using these installers. Always make and use backups!]

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