The door may be open for DRM free downloads

January 27, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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There has been much confusion over the downloading of music. Over the years what started off as seemingly harmless file sharing had developed into a legal jungle with only a few sites offering legal downloads and then with the introduction of the and with their own corresponding pay per track sites, people are now able to download music and other files providing that they subscribe or pay for each track.

Now it appears that there is some movement within the music industry to offer the unrestricted sale of music in digital files for the MP3 format, this will inevitably create an open market for downloads now, with each record company competing against each other for the download business. Cleary some electrical manufacturers who also own record labels will have an head start on the stand alone record labels if this is the way that they choose to go, but it would appear that there is a lot of groundwork to been done in order to make the whole thing work.

Whatever the outcome this has to be a step in the right direction and if the record labels and the electrical giants can make this work, as they surely will, then this should be good for all concerned. However there is still a huge marketplace around that covers file sharing, and no matter what the large corporations do or threaten to do, there will always be a way and a means of sharing file via the internet simply because to most hardened internet users, the very essence of the internet means freedom of information, file sharing and the fact that anyone from anywhere in the world can access this vast source of knowledge, and to these people the giant corporations are trying to turn this free for all into a marketplace only.

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