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January 27, 2007 by elr9 | Leave a Comment
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Every one has been eagerly expecting the latest Windows release, codenamed Windows Vista, this new installment will be available very soon. However people had already started to wonder whether or not is this “wait” actually worth their time, especially when it comes to gamers.

As you know, an operating system is essential for every PC gamer, and to be completely honest, Windows XP was not exactly the friendliest environment for . According to Kevin Unangst, the director of game marketing for Windows at Microsoft, Windows is going to be much friendlier when it comes to gaming, and it will even include a broad compatibility with Microsoft’s Xbox 360, translating into trans-console gaming experiences.

Also, for the pleasure of gamers all around the world, Windows Vista will also include a special interface in which to run the games. This means that games will be installed with only a click of your mouse, and will be available at a specified location, easy to find and easy to access (no more folder and subfolder exploration just to play). It’s great to know that Microsoft executives are finally giving us gamers the capabilities we need to fully enjoy videogames.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see what Windows Vista can do for us gamers, but my guess is that Windows Vista will provide a far more enjoyable experience than its predecessors did.

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