Motorola Pedal Charger

January 26, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment
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Motorola Bike Charger

For those of you who like the mix between exercising and technology can now “paddle” at rest! Earlier this month at CES, Motorola showcased the upcoming pedal charger. Now, more pictures of the charger has been released. Your Motorola cell phone is actually supposed to be charged by the energy you use while pedaling. Better use of your hard work!

Motorola designed the pedal to suit the needs of countries that lack in electricity. By designing such a device, it not only increases the health of the rider, but will also keep them in touch with the world around them.

I personally would like to praise Motorola for their original concept with this pedal charger. Now, it seems only a matter of time until we see a fully integrated iPod charger, Zune charger, and not to forget, a GPS charger. Infact, a GPS charger could do one very well since after all, a driver isn’t too different from a rider…

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