Military Builds Insect-like Robots

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Recently, I wrote about technology taking over the world. I had a bit of fun relating the article to Isaac Asimov’s . Well, I think we may be taking another step towards that “dream” once again. Next time, if you feel something crawling on your back or your legs, you might want to reconsider before killing or flicking it off.

It has been reported that Israel is currently developing a hornet-sized which will be used primarily against terrorists. Britain is already currently using 6 inches Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) known as WASPs in Afghanistan. The little Gameboy-like costs $3,000 USD. The silent killer is said to hold a C4 explosive and act as kamikazes against snipers. Already with so much “robots” in the modern war, it seems as if the United States may bring in another fighter.

United States is hoping to create a miniscule in the future that will carry our numerous amounts of tasks – one being preventing an enemy from carrying out their mission rather than blowing them off. Fred Davis, the technical director of the Assessment and Demonstrations Division of the Air Force Research Laboratory, gave an example of this MAV squirting catalytic de-polymerization agents on a truck rather than killing the driver or decimating the truck itself. Not only that, but Davis also sees that in the future, we’ll see insect-like MAVs sneaking into bases and buildings to carry out its necessary operations.

Now I know what I’m going to be thinking about the next time I see a wasp intruding through my windows…

[via Wired]

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