Intel Looking To Compete NIVIDIA And ATI

January 24, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment
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Intel LogoNVIDIA and ATI may have to keep their eyes out for a new competitor in their currently monopolized market. There have been rumors, numerous amounts of rumors on Intel possibly stepping up their level regarding computer graphic cards. It seems to be official now, as the dubbed Larrabee project seems to be underway with the recent job postings for it.

Intel has been an outsider in the graphic card market for several years now. But with a division known as the Visual Computing Group, it seems as if we may as well see Intel sharing a greater percentage of sales along with NVIDIA and ATI. Promising a “discrete graphics product”, Intel seems to be hoping to win over many NVIDIA and ATI fans.

Personally, I think that Intel will have an extremely rough time trying to unseat the already two rivals, NVIDIA and ATI, each trying to claim the throne in the graphic card industry. Firstly, this was purely an indirect, yet an official announcement by Intel. But since it’s merely job postings, one can only think that new Intel graphic cards are a long way off until its first official release. At this time span, NVIDIA and ATI will certainly not be waiting for Intel to catch up. For Intel to actually surpass both competitions or at least meet the two’s standards which consumers are now expecting, they’ll need something new. Like Zune and its (limited) WiFi, Intel will need to bring a new dish to the graphic card table. Is it possible? Yes. Is it realistic? Not by looking at Intel’s old graphic products…

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