HTC Athena available through T-Mobile as “Ameo”

January 24, 2007 by poeloq | 1 Comment
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The HTC Athena is one cool and it seems that, after I have let loose my slight anger about the Asian market advantage, a European release is to be seen first (seeing as the pictures show screenshots in Dutch). The rumors may say that 1200Euro is the likely price, but slightly less than 1000Euros seems more likely,. The Athena, or now branded “Ameo” by , uses a Xscale 624Mhz processor with 128MB of Ram and Flash each, as well as a 8GB HDD. Graphics are provided by AMD Imageon 2282, supporting a screen resolution of 640×480 on it’s 5″ display. Furthermore the Athena/Ameo offers built-in GPS for navigation software and 802.11b/g , and 1.8Mbps for wireless connectivity, as well as connectors for VGA and Sound as well as MiniSD slot. Additionally, a 3 Megapixel camera will come in handy, just in case you don’t have space for your full sized digital camera for whatever reason.
HTC Athena - T-Mobile Ameo

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  1. HTC Ameo to be released in UK and Germany in March : TurboGadgets Gadget Reviews and Gadget News on January 26, 2007 18:18

    […] We reported about pictures of the HTC Ameo (Athena) a few days ago, and now T-Mobile has confirmed the launch for March in the UK and Germany. […]

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