Driver 76: New Driver game for Sony’s PSP

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Gaming giant Ubisoft has announced the release of the game for the Sony’s PlayStation portable in March 2007. Driver 76 will be the next game in the intense mission based driving series from Reflection Interactive. However Ubisoft has clarified that Driver 76 is not an hand held version of the previous Driver game Driver: Parallel Lines, released for the Xbox and the Playstation 2 in March 2006.

PlayStation Driver 76 Game

Ubisoft had last year purchased the Driver franchise from Atari for a huge $24 million, which made it pretty clear that the company had bigger things in mind. Though Driver 76 is being developed by its original developers, Reflections, now they have company from Sumo Digital, renowned developers of racing games.

Ubisoft has revealed some features of Driver 76. The game is a two year prequel to Driver Parallel Lines. Set in 1976 Driver 76 has Hollywood-style car chases. However it also lets the player experience the scenario on open foot. The game has 27 new missions, which are divided into 6 plots. The player can also earn cash to modify their vehicles by completing side jobs. The game will have a realistic 70’s New York city setting complete with an authentic 70’s soundtrack. Driver 76 will also offer an extensive multiplayer mode.

Looks like we will have an action packed racing game in our hands!

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