How thin can it get: The Samsung “Ultra Edition 5.9” cellphone


Samsung Ultra Edition 5.9 cellphoneSamsung Ultra Edition 5.9 cellphoneThe craze in the world of cellphones is how slim your mobile phone can be. In this world of big, multi-functional mobile phones, seems to be planning their mobile phone ideas in a completely different way, in the direction of designing the slimmest phones. Samsung is ready to launch its “Ultra Edition 5.9” mobile phones, the next in its “Ultra Edition” series.
The new “Ultra Edition 5.9” is an amazing 5.9 millimeters thick or rather thin. Billed as the world’s thinnest phone the 5.9 is a millimeter less than the previous thinnest phone that to by Samsung, the Samsung X820.
The 5.9 is not just the thinnest mobile. It comes with a tri-band GSM radio, a 3.2 megapixel camera, audio reader, BlueTooth and a good 80MB storage space. The phone is build with high resistance resins and polymers, which will prevent the phone from breaking up into two in our pockets.
The “Ultra Edition 5.9” will be ready for sales by March 2007. So customers who want a phone which does not give a bulgy appearance to their pockets look out for the Samsung “Ultra Edition 5.9”

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