Asus A8Jr with ATI X2300

January 22, 2007 by poeloq | 19 Comments
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Asus A8Jr with ATI X2300 The ASUS A8Jr is the first to have the ATI X2300 graphics chip doings it’s work inside, which means it will support the nice 3D Windows features. The main feature of this however is the increased performance-per-watt. Apart from the ATI X2300, which is the most publicized features, the A8Jr brings with it

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  1. Teddt on January 22, 2007 20:53

    One thing that I noticed about ASUS notebooks (my son and I used 2 different model) are the unit is very very warm to the extend almost hot.

    The unimpressive quality of the material, also not a tough one considering a notebook supposed to face a more challenging situation.
    ie: My laptop LCD frame cracked out of the blue, just because the hinges was very tight and cant be loosen despite effort to have it service.

    Then surface for palm rest deteriote from normal perspiration (less my sweat is so acid hahahaa) within a year.

    The noise level also quite high. The price itself is not really competitive.

    I have been using for 3 year+ now and my next one will not be an ASUS.

  2. poeloq on January 23, 2007 00:06

    The thing about laptops is: they all break if you actually use them as mobile devices, i.e. lug them around with you. I have used Acer, Samsung, IBM/Lenovo and Dell laptops within the last couple of years, most recently the Samsung R40. And all have had their downsides (mainly the hinges, as you mention). It is hard, if not impossible, to find the perfect laptop. Maybe Ultramobile PCs is the way forward?

  3. mike on February 5, 2007 00:56

    I thought asus laptops were quality built

  4. poeloq on February 6, 2007 01:33

    @Mike: Well, they aren’t the worst.

  5. MIKE on February 6, 2007 11:27

    Laptops are pretty tough. Only managed to write one off,and that was due to my six year old brother throwing a ceramic cup full speed into the back of the screen. Otherwise, I’ve dropped laptops, spilled tea on them, thrown them in the car put them far too close to my highly magnetic speakers and all sorts. No problems at all. They were all Toshibas. My only irritation is that Toshiba do not use high-class graphics. That would be a nice little touch.

  6. t on February 20, 2007 03:31

    I’m planning to buy this laptop. do you recommend it? is the quality really that bad?

  7. Brad on February 26, 2007 02:25

    Hint: ASUS make notebooks for all the other leading brands, HP and Apple inclusive, Toshiba don’t make most of theirs, and so on and so forth. Notebooks/laptops are assembled by the lowest bidder, and you’re wiser to judge your purchase on an individual machine and not a specific brand. ASUS’ failure rate is no better or worse than any other major brand of laptop.

  8. poeloq on February 26, 2007 20:11

    @Brad: Hint: Asus produce parts for other leading brand notebooks, not the complete notebook itself. Possibly Asus daughtercompanies do for some smaller brands…

  9. joemama on March 6, 2007 18:12

    Well, the heat issue itself drives me away. I’ve owned a Dell laptop where it got very warm on the “palm rest” areas. It’s a big turnoff for me.

  10. Joel on March 11, 2007 18:34

    Well, i just got this NoteBook yesterday. It’s early for me to give a complete review right now, but it ran a 3D online game with absolutely no lag at max settings, is absolutely quiet, and barely gives out any heat compared to my older NoteBook, which more or less could cook and egg on it at times.

  11. Shun on March 19, 2007 16:39

    @Joel: I’m also tempted to buy the laptop/notebook. I have a very bad experience with Asus A3 I think 4 or 5 years ago. Decided to own a Sony. But this notebook A8JR turned my headback and the price is so low compared to my dream VAIO SZ38 (almost triple of price).

    So what can you suggest if you may. :o) Is it worth buying. I mean the performance, is it really good. Thanks!

  12. Joel on March 30, 2007 18:12

    @Shun: Alright, the only problem so far i have is running CnC3. But that could be an isolated case. As far as i have used it so far, it’s done pretty well in terms of performance. I’d say go for it 😀

  13. martin on April 20, 2007 12:55

    I didnt have any bad experiences with Asus i use it for programming one time it was turned on 28 hrs already it never heated up and it didn’t broke down.. And know im gonna buy this laptop coz the quality of Asus laptops are good.. im gonna post another comment when i already hav the laptop..

  14. kewl on May 31, 2007 08:03

    but the graphics processor is only 4 pixel pipeline and only 2 vertex shaders i think..this notebook is not good for gaming though..just a refreshed ati x1400. consider buying other lappy toppy.

  15. Carrot Cruncher on August 8, 2007 20:06

    Got a 2 year old notebook based on the ASUS Z71V. Built very well. Ice cool at front – heat nearer base of screen. Budget restricted for wife’s notebook – will get Acer 7720 which features the X2300. Acer offer good value, whereas Dell tend to cut corners to keep the price down.

  16. junie d pogi on August 18, 2007 02:38

    I have an ASUS L3500H for almost 4 yrs now and i haven’t had any problem with it, am planning to buy a new brand just for a try but one of my choices is the A8JR.

  17. asia on September 21, 2007 06:29

    I own ASUS A8JR, The top surface got easily scratch and there is the noise problem. When you are playing movies, you have to turn the volume at maximum to be able to hear the sounds, I use it to play games but not HHMO5 and CNC3, it has problem with video. Also use it for programming seldomly.

  18. Jonathan on September 25, 2007 08:33

    i have this one. 10 months now. i’ve been playing rappelz epic 3-4, archlord, and other online 3d mmorpgs, mmo racing and some home pc games. the average runtime is 22 hours/ day, with a straight 50 hours every now and then if i leave it downloading anime and other games. it’s been through hell and it’s still as good as new.

  19. mark on October 10, 2007 10:41

    not sure what wrong with mine only 2 weeks old installing a game and the noise and vibration threw my hard drive out or something had to shut down stright away it booted back up ok but the scratching noise from the hard drive gave me a fright has any one else had this prob im thinking of taking it back to get looked at apart from that this is a great wee machine and suits me fine

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