Sony Ericsson MBW-100 watch know who’s over the phone

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MBW 100 Bluetooth Sony Ericsson WatchSony Ericsson has launched the MBW-100 , which connects wirelessly with a cell phone and lets the user know who’s calling. The watch using technology to connect with the phone vibrates and displays the identity of the caller.

The watch works within a distance of 30 feet from the phone. It vibrates when a call is incoming and displays the name or number of the caller in a sleek display panel beneath the watch face. The watch also displays the message alert icon when a SMS/MMS is received.The watch has a analog display.

The watch has buttons customized to be associated with the phone. To mute the phone’s ring signal a button is pressed once and when it is pressed twice the call is transferred to voice mail. Another button in the watch is used to activate the phone’s digital player. The watch also alerts the user if it is getting out of range.

The MBW-100 priced at $399 is currently compatible with a small number of enabled Sony Ericsson phones like the W710i. Though it is not in the league of genuinely next generation watches the MBW-100 is stylish and has its utility in helping people, have the habit of leaving behind their phones.

The watch weighing 187.5 grams has an elegant stainless steel body. The OLED display adds a futuristic look to the beauty of the watch. The watch comes in four different versions with prices ranging from $149-$399.

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